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anon prompted: Could you please do this if you’re still in mpreg?chris and darren are having sex when the condom breaks, so after a while chris starts to feel the symptoms and tells darren and they’re shocked but so happy and fluff (◡‿◡✿) 

a/n: I apologize, anon, at how long it took me to get to this.  I, also, changed the prompt by having them bareback instead of having the condom break.  Hope that’s okay.

Warnings: Mpreg, barebacking

Rating: PG13 slight R

Chris arches his back and cries out, fingernails digging into Darren’s back as he spills over his fist.  He comes in waves of white, hot pleasure.  It courses through him and makes him feel incredible.  As his orgasm starts to wane, he feels Darren bury himself deep inside him one last time and be hit with his release.  The sensation of Darren pulsing inside him causes Chris to experience one last wave of pleasure.

Skin flushed, body coming down from its intense high, Chris giggles as Darren collapses on top of him in a breathless heap.  “I can’t tell if you enjoyed it or not,” he jokes as he plays with the wild curls at the back of Darren’s head.

"I hated it," Darren jokes back.  "It was awful.  So terrible I came so hard I saw stars.  I suffered."

Chris laughs.  “Well, you and I suffered together.”

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Rachel Is Completely Freaking Out and Not Even Barbra Streisand Can Fix Her

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AGBW - Already Home. Klaine edit. Prewiew.

YEP. SOON. but I do it!xDD ^________^ <3

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